Today, businesses are moving faster than ever—and the workplaces must adapt quickly to the changing needs. Galaxy collaboration solutions and tools are tailored to fit your organization needs, that help you improve the way your ‘people’ work and not the other way around. Get proven ROI, reduce costs, increase productivity, and elevate the way you share information.

Knowledge Management

This is a collaborative tool for Research teams working in Financial Companies. It provides various tools for sharing and working together in a team. This solution has various modules, which help the research team to create company masters, create research reports, and store various documents for research usage. The system has a portal using which users can access the entire document libraries, start discussions on various topics and read news related to financial markets. They can search documents in various document libraries, create new research documents on the basis of access control.

Intranet Portal

Intranet Portal enables an enterprise to aggregate its applications, information, news, and policies, thereby improving employee productivity. It provides user means to communicate, publish, and collaborate within the organizational infrastructure. The portal also provides a medium to dispense information to all the employees. It can also integrate various other Notes based application under one roof to provide users easy and fast access. It also has a Document Manager, which enables sharing of documents amongst users.

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” Galaxy has been a great partner for ‘A large insurance company’ for past 5 years. Their understanding of business demands, responses to exisgencies has been exemplary. I wish Team Galaxy all the best!! “
                   – CTO & Head – Online Sales

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