Business Intelligence

Campaign Performance
Customer Segmentation
Web Analytics
Finance Planning and Analysis
Expense Management
Revenue and Profitability Management
Cash Flow and Revenue Management
Workplace Management
Total Rewards
Enhance Recruitment
Sales Representatives
Sales Management
Customer Relationship Management
IT Helpdesk Management
IT Infrastructure
Software and Licensing Management
Network Governance

Predictive Analysis


Creates a predictive model that ranks the customers in your database according to who is most likely to buy, subscribe, or meet some other organizational goal.


Demand forecasting is the area of predictive analytics dedicated to understanding consumer demand for goods or services.


When an incident occurs, managers tend to emphase on what happened, not why it happened. Predictive modeling helps managers focus on causation rather than correlation.


Healthcare companies can utilize predictive analytics for improving patient care, chronic disease management, hospital administration and supply chain efficiencies.

Expert Resource Management

The Optimization and Stability of your BI Platform are often only noticed when it is a problem. Galaxy BI Solution team proactively manages and optimizes your applications. Our shared resource model allows operational tasks to be performed by specialists who apply best practices and proactive troubleshooting techniques to manage issues on your behalf. All Galaxy BI Solution resources are constantly developing their skills on some of the most complex BI platforms. The result: We get it done faster and more efficiently than others do.

Galaxy BI Solutions simplify your BI monitoring and management process by providing a tailored, scalable, end-to-end approach that fits the needs of your organization’s BI environment and budget. We provide you with a dedicated team of senior BI resources and administrators who know your business – driving a one of a kind, best in class delivery model that ensures comprehensive, continuous, and exceptional service.

Our Expert resource management offering includes everything from BI platform maintenance and upgrades, to database management, administration, production monitoring, and security administration. You get a complete support package and peace of mind that your BI environment is consistently available and performs optimally.

Whether your BI environment is on premise or hosted, we have the technical expertise and industry leading processes to handle your most complex landscape. From routine maintenance tasks to the most difficult technical challenges, we have you covered.

Data Warehouse Designing

Galaxy provides a trusted infrastructure that can handle all types of data, and scale from terabytes to petabytes, with real-time performance. To fully realize the value of data, you need a complete platform that can manage both structured and unstructured data with security, consistency, and credibility. Having immediate access to current, actionable information can make a huge difference to businesses. Getting information from Transaction data sources is not at all easy. What countless BI pioneers have discovered, however, is that taking the short cut around data warehousing will put you on a path that leads to lost time and money.

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