All about Robotic Process Automation

We have been hearing a lot about automation and how it has satisfied the needs of workflow done manually on a day to day basis. Every organization is aiming to automate its business in such a way that accolades manual work and operations remain uninterrupted. Your business definitely is in need of it and here you will realize why.

RPA or Robotic process automation is a technological invention to strategically perform a sequence of activities without any human intervention. RPA promises to change the traditional way of doing IT solutions in an organization so that the human resources can enhance their capabilities shifting focus on tasks that requires reasoning, judgement, emotional intelligence and association with customers.

In IT domain, many business processes are dependent on multiple IT elements and does not communicate with each other resulting in consuming more time and labour. Here RPA comes into picture. RPA automates almost all the repetitive business processes and works faster than humans doing the same task eventually reducing staffing cost. Here it’s necessary to know how does this work. Robot in the abbreviation RPA does not mean a bodily robot but a computer software that can emulate human performing the task by interacting with applications interface. RPA Robots or Bots holds power to mimic most human actions like logging into applications, automate reports generation, data migration, quality assurance and more.

Biggest adopters of RPA are banks, Healthcare, Telecom, Insurance, Travel & Logistic and Human resources. Each industry uses RPA in their own way to achieve fast benefits, minimal upfront investments and 100% accuracy. Not just this but many hyper-growth companies also use RPA to sustain in this industry by partnering with RPA software providers such as Automation Anywhere, UiPath and Blue Prism.

So how RPA will be effective for your business?     

Robotic automation increases the overall productivity of the business. Since the end result of business is to generate revenue, RPA with great accuracy helps in automating sales operations.

According to Gartner the RPA market grew 63% in the year 2018 and expects the software revenue to reach USD 1.3 billion in 2019. ICICI Bank is the first bank in India to deploy Software Robotics. Using this they perform more than one million banking transactions per working day. The system recognizes patterns and execute activities across multiple applications such as data validation, data formatting, currency exchange rate processing and multi format message creation.

Software robots can be easily trained and get integrated perfectly into any system. RPA software robots can be appointed by banks to initiate credit card applications. They can gather all required documents, can do background checks, issue the card if the individual is eligible and case can be closed on successful delivery. This can reduce the banks turnaround time and can achieve higher customer satisfaction.

RPA is the biggest revolution in digital transformation. It can play a key role in increasing speed and efficiency of the business without compromising on the quality. Companies who has already implemented RPA has seen tremendous growth. It is gaining a lot of attention in IT industry. It is one of the fast growing and adopting technology in the coming years. So to reap the benefits fast, adopt faster.




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