Galaxy came to rescue with 42Gears!

Galaxy assist’s one of the largest FMCG firm to secure and provide ease-of management for their 2500+ corporate tablets which is being used by their field sales.

Managing and Securing Corporate Tablets

Indian FMCG company as a brand endorses meticulous, comprehensive solutions, which is likely the reason why customer chose Galaxy and 42Gears Solution to address the challenges faced by their sales force in using corporate owned tablets.

Customer had 2500+ corporate owned tablets used by their sales force, which posed a serious maintenance challenge for the customer’s IT team, as the Tablets were not centrally managed, there was no monitoring mobile data usage and tracking GPS location, a useful feature, which needed validating.

Galaxy came to rescue with 42Gears!

Galaxy went with 42Gears (SureMDM + SureLOCK) solution and addressed these challenges seamlessly. With a single web console, the solution manages and secures all 2500+ Tablets seamlessly, restricting the users to access only Business Apps from the tablets provided by customer, ensuring the users use Mobile Data (internet) only for business use and tracking the movement of the sales force as and when required.

Galaxy also pro-actively suggested additional features like Geo-Fencing and Time-Fencing to ensure sales representative would be able to record orders only at defined location and restricting tablet usage in the Business Apps mode for a defined time period.



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