Customer is one of the largest housing finance companies in India having its registered and corporate office at Mumbai. Their main objective is to provide long term finance to individuals for purchase or construction of house or flat for residential purpose or to provide finance on existing property for businesses and professionals. The Company also provides long term finance to persons engaged in the business of construction of houses or flats for residential purpose and to be sold by them.



The customer has 7 regional offices, 21 back-offices and 240 marketing units across India. Most of the IT infrastructure used in their offices is obsolete and past its warranty period. Likewise, their legacy hardware was bulky and occupied more physical space. It was not just heavier to handle, shift or transport, but also running on more power. Thus, it was getting increasingly difficult for them to conduct day-to-day business operations in a speedy and efficient manner, using inventory that was well past its mandated shelf life. They were looking to replace this old inventory with latest hardware for office use.

Herein lay a greater challenge – this ageing inventory had to be replaced across 6 locations, some of which were in remote interiors in periphery of smaller towns across the country. The end users across these locations had a certain degree of comfort working on their old inventory and weren’t open to sudden disruption in their established patterns of hardware usage. They weren’t exactly aware of latest versions of desktops, and had an initial level of discomfort in adapting to them. Finally, this migration to newer inventory had to be done in harmony with their work timings, i.e. in such a way that their core operations continue to run smoothly without getting impacted.

Another challenge was lack of internet connectivity in remote areas, where their offices were located. In such locations, no Internet Service Provider [ISP] offers a direct service of fibre cable for broadband connectivity which is necessary for servicing enterprise clients. The workaround to this problem is cumbersome and needs dedicated attention.



Galaxy team had a series of detailed discussions with all stakeholders in their IT ecosystem – right from decision makers to actual end users who work on those machines to conduct daily operations. We compiled a list of all likely issues and escalation tickets that may crop up during the customer’s transition to modern hardware.

We were in consultation with several OEMs to replace their legacy hardware, and finally proposed latest 8th generation desktops by Dell EMC. These are efficient as well as easy to use. They consume much lesser space and are light to carry. End users were trained on how to best leverage them, along with a list of “DOs & DONTs” to be kept in mind. We also helped them with safe and quick transfer of all their important business data from their legacy machines to new desktops.

Moreover, we also managed to secure a lucrative buy-back deal for the customer where they could avail of some price discounts by returning their old inventory to us. To address the other issues i.e. lack of internet connectivity via fibre cable at each remote location, we had to approach the local BSNL offices for support. BSNL provides leasing space to install a modem at their site, that is linked via RF connectivity to another modem installed in customer office, for data transfer over internet. Thus, for each remote location where customer operates, we had to identify, coordinate and interact with the local program manager from BSNL who oversees such operations and then deal with their support team to take this to closure.



Customer employees now use latest 8th generation model of desktops that are much more compact, efficient with ease of use and consume less power. All their old data was transferred without any business down time, with steps being taken to prevent data loss.  Customer is satisfied with the fact that we could help with this mass migration across remote locations, and the new model is both user-friendly and more productive. They have now engaged us with preventive yearly maintenance and also looking to approach us for future requirements.


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