Customer is a major public sector bank in India, with over 15 million customers across the length and breadth of the country.  They are headquartered in Pune. With a network of 1981 branches, customer is larger than many other public sector banks in the state of Maharashtra. They are into a wide range of services such as consumer banking, corporate and investment banking, private banking, insurance, mortgage loans, private equity, savings, securities, asset and wealth management.


The bank was using an outdated and a very old version of an antivirus solution to protect its data assets. They had over 15,000 licenses – many of which had to be updated and upgraded each year by installing patches. Thus they had to implement fresh licenses and also upgrade old licenses each year. Their incumbent vendor couldn’t handle this project efficiently and they had very poor support and services. Thus, the bank decided to look for a replacement vendor and protect their sensitive information using some of the latest security solutions for their organization and wanted to install and upgrade their Antiviruses.



Although multiple competitors were ready to grab this opportunity and get into a pricing war with highly competitive quotations, Galaxy team instilled confidence in the bank’s IT team regarding our abilities and commitment to complete this project. We conducted a thorough analysis and assessment of customer’s business operations and vulnerability to threats and ransomware. They even had to reach out to, and interact with, employees from remote rural areas during this initiative. This had to be done with sensitivity to their work timings and care had to be taken not to disrupt ongoing business operations.  They had to explain about the solution or rather the need for a latest antivirus solution, and also deal with general lack of support and awareness regarding importance of this initiative.

Galaxy provided the latest and most secure antivirus solution from Symantec. We also offered them adequate training in terms of skill sets and resources, to manage all their branches across various regions on an ongoing basis.



After installation, the bank employees as well as other stakeholders are able to use all the latest features of the antivirus software which weren’t available before. These would include automatic scanning, as well as installing automatic upgrade patches from time to time for those branches connected to the internet.

For their branch offices with no internet connectivity such as in rural areas, Galaxy team together with bank’s internal IT team covers such offices regularly to ensure all hardware has latest patches installed.

Today, all their 1981 desktops across various branch offices are running up to date. They now have better productivity due to zero down time, no threats and attacks. This has enhanced their commitment towards using technology to further enable their business and retain their competitive position in industry.


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