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A reputed media conglomerate in India has the largest circulation of any English-language newspaper in the world, with 3,321,702 average qualifying sales, and over 15000 employees. Their new Chief Information Security Officer [CISO] first analyzed all loopholes in their IT system from a security stand point, and framed different approaches to address each issue.

There was no data security mechanism in place for hand-held devices, especially while accessing corporate email and mobile applications. Their internal users such as news reporters, back office users, leadership as well as their internal IT team members had access to email, intranet apps and internally developed mobile apps on their handheld devices without any security. Thus, there were many instances of data leakage. It was a major challenge for them to ensure that data isn’t leaked out before being published, keeping in mind sensitivities of media industry where the shelf of life of information is extremely short-lived. Likewise, there were more challenges, like no multi-factor authentication solution in place, all the apps being scattered, and users having to remember different user names and passwords for various apps and portals.



Galaxy is a premier VMware partner with competency in end-user computing technology since last few years. We are VMware’s directly managed partner, and have won their Mobility Partner of the Year award for outstanding performance in 2017.

Galaxy recommended VMware’s Workspace One Solution [Advanced Edition]. In addition, we also suggested the following: –

  • VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise:
  • vSphere
  • NSX Advanced Edition per Processor

Customer was expecting specific use cases to be addressed by solution providers. Here, Galaxy/VMware was able to address more use cases than other solution providers. Likewise, Galaxy/VMware was able to provide more large-scale deployment references in India, vis-à-vis other competitors.

Customer is a diversified group, where various group companies would be on-boarded using the same platform but would have different management controls. The Galaxy/VMware solution provided better management capabilities from deployment, management and multi tenancy perspective. Galaxy as a partner, shared an excellent relationship with the customer which greatly helped strengthen VMware’s value proposition.



The digital workspace provides our customer more visibility and control over endpoint devices, as well as information access. By enabling employees to access their content from anywhere and at any time, customer is giving them the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

Here, there are several important business benefits for the customer such as: –

  • Increased security of the device (for BYOD – it’s app management only).
  • Enablement of additional functionality and features, integration with OEM-specific APIs and policies.
  • VMware Workspace One provides increased usability by the end user for things that are device specific, e.g. Wi-Fi and VPN access at the device level.

VMware Workspace One solution is preferable from an RoI standpoint, and provides a great user experience.


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