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“This month, the Indian IT industry saw the resignation of one of its most high profile CEOs and a lot of mudslinging thereafter. Thankfully, sanity prevailed and the mud seems to have settled and the behemoth is hopefully back on track. Earlier, a certain US based company also had a founder return to the helm, though not under exactly the same circumstances. The dizzying heights that Steve Jobs steered Apple to thereafter has become part of industry folklore. I hope that Mr. Nilekani can take Infosys to the next level.

Talking about comparisons between the United States and India, a couple of incidents just showed the difference in preparedness for natural disasters. The United States was largely prepared for Hurricane Harvey due to advance warnings and communications to the public at large, and the number of casualties were effectively contained from shooting up. In contrast, Mumbai which is one of the most progressive cities in India, suffered a lot and that too to a much milder storm. Weather forecasts had predicted rain and high tides, but the warnings and communication to the public came too late and our preparedness was just not there. On a positive note, it was heart-warming to see people helping each other through the floods by providing food and shelter to the stranded. Salutes to the unbreakable Mumbaikar!”

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