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Last week, while discussing the quarterly results, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned that the 4G roll-out in India is the fastest that he has ever seen. Coming from a person who has seen and knows practically everything to do with mobile devices and networks, these are very significant words for no mean achievement. Please note that this has been achieved purely due to healthy competition between a new player and the incumbents – Free enterprise at its best! No doubt, the consumer has emerged a winner. With data costs at their all-time low, smart phones and rich data apps have now become the flavor of the season. A lot of enterprises across the spectrum are now seriously looking at converting their in-office apps into user friendly mobile apps, thus offering their employees the freedom of carrying their office work with them everywhere they go. However, this freedom is fraught with danger of data theft and espionage. We, at Galaxy, are proud to bring to you, a range of solutions that eliminate this danger and allow your employees to enjoy the freedom of using both their personal as well as enterprise apps on their own mobile devices. Please get in touch with our experts who will be happy to advise you on this journey to a mobile enterprise.

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