“For all our readers in India and also India watchers, this seems to be the time when a whole lot of global enterprises will rise from here. Hitherto, Indians have been largely successful in setting up and running global enterprises – albeit more from outside the shores than from within. Now, the time has come where we can possibly see a lot of such action from within. For that to happen, the Government in power needs to take steps that would not only encourage investment but also guarantee some kind of road map outlining future tax regimes, laws etc. Everybody has become wary of the fickleness with which laws are changed that that is why investors are jittery. Why else, would home grown enterprises be forced to register their companies overseas the moment they need investors? The markets are here, the entrepreneurs are from here, what is the need to register the company elsewhere? The Indian Union Budget for 2015-16 has partially addressed these issues – some with the carrot others with the stick! Special packages announced for start-ups can only augur well for the future.

On the technology front, we are all waiting for the release of Apple Watch sometime next month. After the disappointing response to the equally hyped Google Glass, the success of the Apple Watch is extremely important for ‘wearable devices’ to really catch on. Being not as intrusive and ‘in your face’ as the Google Glass, I am really optimistic and excited. Wearable devices will be really big and surely play the roles of game changers in the fields of healthcare, sports, fashion, security and defense. ‘Watch’ this space.”

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