“With a new majority Government in place, Indian business has reason to be optimistic. All the right things are being said and some positive actions have already been taken. This should augur well for the future. Well, at least the stock markets think so! Technology companies expect a lot from the Indian consumptions story and I am sure they will not be disappointed/

Globally, there have been a lot of new announcements by Microsoft, Apple and Google that seem to be disruptive and could change the way we do a lot of things. Real-time translation, driverless cars, apps that can detect health problems have the potential to change the nature of a lot of jobs. The key is to quickly adapt to the technologies rather than seeing them as threats. Over the past few years we have seen this happen to the travel industry, book sellers and retails shops. Those who adapted have survived, the rest have just perished.

These are exciting times ahead and Galaxy will be at the forefront of helping all business adapt to and adopt what technology has to offer. Do reach out to us and we can have a chat on how things are changing and how we could help.”




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