“With the Indian Budget 2014 round the corner, all our hopes are on the Finance Minister to deliver something radically better and different from his predecessors. We really need a budget that sets the path for industrial growth and improves the job market. Health and education should not only be priorities in the budget, but active follow up on the ground level is also required. It has been 10 years since the education cess on practically all forms of taxes was introduced but the state of education at both the primary and the university level has not changed for the better. All that money collected seems to have flown into the giant cesspool of corruption. The food security bill is another potential sink of the taxpayers money. I hope that this budget makes attempts to plug all such sources of corruption.

I am hopeful that this budget will have a lot of benefits for technology companies. In fact, as mentioned in an article in this issue, the BJP engaged the services of a lot of technologies to help them win the elections. I am sure, that they will carry this faith in technology to help the country fast track its growth.

The Football World Cup is well under way and a few goal-line decisions have been made by technology. It warms my heart that in the very first issue of TechTalk we covered goal-line technology and its importance to major tournaments like the World Cup.”



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