“Dear Readers,

 On behalf of the entire Galaxy & TechTalk team, I wish all of you a very happy and safe 2017. Last year we saw considerable growth in areas like mobility, analytics and security. I had hoped the penetration of IoT and Machine Learning would have been better, but I guess that will happen this year. We also saw the release of Pokemon Go which quickly became a global rage and has been the harbinger of a number of applications based on location-based and augmented reality technology. I believe that 2017 will see a lot more apps using bits and pieces of this technology to drive productivity. We also saw a lot of activity in the M&A space in the technology sector last year and this year promises to be no different. In India, with the Government’s thrust towards taking everyone ‘Digital’, there will be tremendous opportunities in technologies like Mobility, Security & Cloud. The trick to success will lie in simplifying tasks while retaining security and mobility. We at Galaxy will be investing a lot of time and money to make sure that we are an integral part of this movement to take India Digital.

 Happy Reading.”



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