“Last month, a couple of incidents demonstrated how technology has played a very big role in them. In Paris, the terrorists made use of an encrypted chat application to plan and execute the bombings that caused a lot of damage to innocent people. This technology would have helped them to keep the information within a much closed group right until execution, thus reducing chances of leaks to intelligence agencies. In Chennai, when a combination of nature’s fury and an extremely faulty and inadequate drainage system caused floods leading to chaos, the use of technology helped promote relief and rescue related information. Apart from a large number of start-ups jumping in – most for a good cause and some from cheap publicity – the most visible and apparently successful was a cloud based spreadsheet created by an individual that simply provided detailed information about where locals can find help in the form of shelter, food, electricity and other basic necessities and in fact became viral on social media.

These incidents pretty much establish that technology is a double edged sword and it is up to the providers and consumers to ensure that more good than bad comes from its use. At Galaxy, we strive to develop and use technology for the betterment of humanity with minimal scope for misuse by misguided elements.

With a prayer to the victims of both these tragedies, I wish all my Chennai readers a speedy recovery.”



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