The Challenge

As the production was increasing the requirement for Servers were also increasing. The major issue that the company was facing was of server provisioning. One application requires total three servers, one development server, one quality servers and one production server. As they need high availability, which creates cluster, they needed two servers for production. So in total 4 servers were required for one application. There were 45 application running so the amount of server and space requirement was huge. The cost of keeping these servers in Reliance Data center was also very huge. They were spending round Rs.300000/- per server per annum. As there were so many servers in datacenter, they also had to hire many resources to maintain them, thus increasing the maintenance cost. Besides the company was facing many issues due to the physical infrastructure of server and costing of the space management.

The Solution

When Galaxy approached the company with VMware Virtualization solution, they were very reluctant due to a critical SAP application that was in use. Moreover, they could not afford the downtime for any of their software. That is when Galaxy offered to conduct a proof of concept for 1 month for them.

Galaxy gave the company one server for a month on which we installed Vsphere hypervisor. We converted both the Development and quality server physical to virtual for one of their applications.

After the transition from physical to virtual, user started using the application on the very next working day without any knowledge of application being moved from physical server to a virtual machine. The company monitored the application for a month and obtained good results from it. Thus, they realized that switching to virtualization would help them in save a lot on server and OPEX without having downtime issues.

The Company invested in VMware vSphere® with Operations ManagementTM and migrated to a virtualized data center to ensure the company’s infrastructure was poised for growth. In doing so, the company recognized the flexibility and simplicity VMware provided in configuring the infrastructure to integrate with their existing technologies. It was a simple implementation that literally took us only a couple of minutes to set up and get everything up and running. We could see everything in a single pane of glass within a few seconds. vSphere with Operations Management allows “After we decided to go with VMware, we looked at all of our hard servers and tried to narrow it down to which servers we were going to put where,” described IT Head. “We decided to go with virtual servers for each one, and that really gave us the ability to be more agile. If we have a new applications coming on board, we can spin up a server for them in a matter of seconds.” “Things have changed,” said IT Manager of the company.

The Benefits

CapEx Savings: By consolidating physical servers and reducing unnecessary infrastructure through virtualization, the company was able to realize over 60% savings in capital expenditures.
Increase in capacity utilization: Using vSphere with Operations Management, the company can now run applications at high service levels and maximize hardware savings through 40% higher capacity utilization and 50% higher consolidation ratios.
Ability to scale proactively: The company has seen more than 90% reduction in the time needed to integrate back-end systems, and the company can now better meet the demands of rapid growth by provisioning new virtual machines before they are needed.
High Availability: Applications were up all the time. Even if one of the servers had issues, the application is transferred to another server without any disturbance to user. This was done in minutes owing to virtualization and thus users never faced downtime or lost any work due to server issues.
Improved resource usage: The Company has also improved resource usage. With virtualization, average server CPU usage has improved from about 15 percent to around 80 percent, ensuring the extracts maximum valuefrom its hardware investments.

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