The Challenge

The media company faced major storage and data management challenges caused by a large volume of legacy content and the adoption of file-based workflows, with a significant amount of content being delivered as XDCAM, ProRes and RED files. As space on the company’s shared storage platform quickly ran out, it became critical to find a high performance LTO LTFS archiving solution to help manage the massive amounts of file-based content.

“It was clear, we needed an efficient and intelligent archiving solution to help us lower storage costs,” said IT Head. “However, we also needed to address the increasing difficulty our users’ encountered finding content, as no central search mechanism existed.”

The Solution

The leading television network company recognized the coming challenges of archiving HD content, and turned to IBM and IBM Business Partner Galaxy Office Automation for a state-of-the-art digital storage and archive system to handle HD programming.

To meet the increased data handling demands of high definition television (HDTV), the company needed to increase storage dramatically and improve its archive and retrieval capabilities while lowering costs.

The Company installed IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for direct-to-digital storage solution for HD video that eliminated the need for costly videotape recorders and media. The solution not only saved considerable amounts of money and physical space, it also offered a much more efficient way to handle video. This makes it possible to locate and retrieve clips quickly and enhances company’s ability to distribute programming.

The Benefits

Lowes OPEX cost: With IBM TMS, the company could save more than 70 percent of cost on storage media. It helps controlling storage management costs with ease-of-use features and integration with IBM network attached storage (NAS) products
Easy Backup system: The tape backups scheduling was done in IBM TMS software. In this the files were automatic compressed and is stored in backup tapes on the scheduled dates. This helped them in reducing a lot of manual work and thus saved the cost on work force.
High Availability: IBM TMS improves business continuity by shortening backup and recovery times and maximizing application availability with advanced data recovery management technologies. It also employ data de-duplication and a hierarchy of storage to increase efficiencies and conserve resources. Thus, it makes archived HD content available on demand.
Easy to use: Tivoli Storage Manager is a true enterprise product, and as such, can be configured many different ways to meet an organization’s needs.
Backup on any kind of media: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager can manage backup and archive data across disk arrays, tape libraries, or optical storage and can automatically move data as it ages to lower performance storage.

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