The Challenge

Institute was looking for fast WIFI connectivity for their hostel facility. The requirement was to enable Internet Access at Students quarters in hostel. They needed to boost productivity and efficiency for students by upgrading to a reliable, cost-effective wireless Local Area Network (LAN) and Wi-Fi smart phones for faster access. The site under consideration is a typical Dormitory / Apartment Layout, where there are multipleindividual flats on each room. There are four flats in one wing two such wings with two occupants in each room with six floors in the facility. They also wanted to have secured wifi connection.

The Solution

The site survey was conducted to analyze both possibilities of covering multiple rooms with an Access Point (AP) positioned outdoors (on the passage way), as well as having an individual Access Point within each room. It was noted that by placing the AP outdoors resulted in mediocre coverage inside the rooms, as all the Adjoining walls are concrete walls. Moreover, the customer has a condition that APS cannot be mounted below a certain height in the passageways as it is a Hostel Environment.

The Galaxy networking team installed all the devises in premises and Galaxy technology services team configured all the access point.

“We’ve had great local technical support from Galaxy, and we have seen big improvements since using this new solution. With most students using Wi-Fi phones/laptops/smart phones, they can access Study martials much faster. Generally speaking, productivity has improved by up to two or three times” says. IT Head.

The Benefits

Secured Access Points : Secured Access Points significantly reduces the risk of downtime from human error with clustering technology. IT keeps their wireless network traffic safe with the latest in Wi-Fi security including WPA and WPA2. HPN secures data integrity of the wireless traffic with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) or Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP).
Faster Connectivity: HPN Speeds diagnosis and solves problems as much as two or three times faster than before the wireless LAN was in place.
Simplifies Wireless Networks: Enable greater flexibility in student use of information technology by allowing network access anywhere on Hostel campus grounds rather than dedicated hard-wired computer rooms. The network would support Internet access and online learning for students.
Lowers Total Cost: Its clustering technology makes ongoing network changes and maintenance simple, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks. Hence, it delivers the most cost-effective wireless LAN.
Better User Experience and Improved Performance: HPN Access Point provides a single-radio device that supports high-speed wireless networking at either 5GHz or 2.4GHz.When clustered, the M220 automatically selects the best channel for operation, reducing channel optimization.

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