The Challenge

With around 20000+ employees in more than 200 countries, a leading courier service company was facing many challenges with the data storage. Their main challenge was Storage tower of User Data. Due to so many employees, using their individual laptops and desktops there was huge amount of data deduplications, which was difficult to manage.

Another challenge for them was that there was no central Shared Storage system in the organization for collaborative sharing of data, which lead them to make multiple copies of data. There was also no mechanism of backing up user data at one particular place. Another concern for IT department was Manageability of data, since there was no centralized solution for storing user data, employees were taking backs up there on laptops, and security of that data was at stake. They started looking for a complete solution, which give solution to all their pain points and can be easily manageable.

The Solution

Galaxy suggested EMC Enterprise EMC Unified Storage with Replication Software to them. They also considered EMC Solution over others, as EMC has been market leaders in Storage Solution with its world class always ON backend support online. Enterprise Class storage with No single point of Failure and local protection of Data using Snaps/Clones for efficient backup, which fulfilled the customer challenges of central consolidated storage with replication to other regions as a backup solution.

“What differentiates EMC from its competition is not only the company depth of technology offerings but also knowledge and ability of its people.” Says IT Head of the courier company.

Galaxy team faced challenges while binding the storage with Active Directory, as there were some permission, which needed Head Office approvals. In the end project of central storage with backup at major location is achieved, along with backup replicated among them.

The Benefits

Productivity improvement: Since the implementation of central shared storage each department have their own folders to save their data which was shared amongst department users leading to effective collaboration and information sharing while reducing deduplicated copies of data.
Ensured business continuity: The solution was designed with replication of Tier1 cities data, while every location data was replicated ensuring additional backup copy ensuring business continuity.
User friendly – easy to use: Proposed solution provides an easy self-explanatory wizard based option to self-configure the system functions with monitoring tools with dashboard by which IT administrator could easily manage and monitor the Storage system.
Backup Solution: Local Protection Suite as part of solution enable administrator to take point in time copies of the data which is used as backup copies and replicated to other storage systems providing time stamps to help rollback in case of restoration of data.
High availability: EMC Storage is built with no single point of failure ensuring no downtime and 24x7availability. Using EMC Remote Protection Suite the replication of data provided.

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