The Challenge

For the financial industry, security is a top priority. Especially for banking institutions, financial records and portfolio decisions hold sensitive information that must be safeguarded. Mobile devices provide the ideal platform for the bank to deliver its mission of providing top tier banking services, while drawing in a new generation of tech-savvy clients.

The leading bank introduced a new application to make the Account Opening Process with ease. This application is carried by every account opening executive throughout INDIA. The bank was concerned about securing the sensitive information stored on the devices by the executives for opening the new accounts and were also concerned about the security and confidentiality of the email service provided to the bank officials.

The bank’s IT security team came up with decision to bring Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)solutions and started evaluating EMM solutions with various vendors.

The Solution

The Bank looked at a number of EMM providers before selecting AirWatch® by VMware® with Galaxy involved as a partner. After extensive research, the bank’s IT Security team found AirWatch® to be the best option as Enterprise Mobility Solution, combining security and an easy to use management console. We helped the customer’s IT team to understand how AirWatch will help the bank in mitigating their problem and how the use of AirWatch can benefit the bank.

The company was impressed by the extensive application controlling policies than other vendors, which was crucial for the bank.

AirWatch allows simplicity to maintain tighter controls and more effectively manage their mobile device. With AirWatch, the bank had control over company-owned mobile devices completely along with personal devices that is bring your own device (BYOD). The company counts on AirWatch’s flexible policy deployment options to manage devices and remain compliant without hindering employee’s ability to use their devices to the fullest extent.

Galaxy team implemented and deployed the solution in the bank’s environment. Additionally, the company was impressed with the responsiveness and customer support provided by the Galaxy team.

The Benefits

With the help of Galaxy, the leading financial company used the feature of secure launcher for securing their corporate owned Android device with banking application pushed centrally on the device. Galaxy team helped the client in securing the bank officials emails by using AirWatch Inbox, which secured and containerized the bank official’s email providing complete separation of enterprise and personal data. The other advantages that company ripped from the solutions were:

The bank achieved device level security.
Bank was able to protect the secure information.
The policy control for corporate owned devices and BYOD helped manage the bank with ease.
They were able to enhance the security features of their banking applications.
Containerization of emails in AirWatch Inbox helped them securing the confidential documents and emails on mobile devices.

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