The Challenge

Dealers were required to provide data in specific formats, which used to take time and invariably the data used to arrive almost 15 days late.
Since these were manually created formats from disparate systems that each dealer used, they were error prone.
This data was then imported into spreadsheets manually and the dashboards were generated. As a result, the dashboard was available almost 20 day’s late thus impacting timely decisions.
The spreadsheets were then mailed to the stakeholders, which was not convenient, as they had to struggle to find the latest copy.
A more effective reporting process to all levels of management including the leadership team was desperately required.
Integrate different types of data from each dealer into a single view.
Deliver reports in minutes rather than hours/days
Improve decision making.

The Solution

Galaxy helped the customer to deploy a BI Solution into itsdealer environment in just about a month. Galaxy created the data model and build the dashboards and underlying reports. Data in different formats were obtained from the dealers and interfaces built to transform them to a common platform. The solution involved a web based interface for dealers to upload their data. Some data formats were common to all dealers but some were dealer specific. The uploaded data was then imported into the data warehouse using tools that were custom built by Galaxy. Immediately after the data was refreshed, the dashboards and analytic reports were available to all users depending on their access levels. Among the information points that were made available were:

The Business Overview Dashboard provides an at a glance summary of Dealer’s sales revenue, Sales volume, Gross margin, Dealer outlet and average revenue per new car, Model wise trends in retail volume, Average retail volume per outlet etc. This was a single dashboard showing critical data for all dealers highlighting/ red flagging any anomalies.
The KPI Analysis provides various KPI’s and the trends in a single view that can be used to highlight and red flag outliers like car sales margin, financial insurance income/sales etc.
The Geographic Revenue dashboard highlights the Revenue geographically across various dimensions like model, sales, services, insurance etc.
The Risk Analysis Dashboard provides the dealers targets and achievements across various dimensions like category, region, model etc.
The Marketing Dashboard provided efficiencies of different campaigns based on marketing spend vs increased enquiries and test-drives across various media, geographies, models etc.

The Benefits

Enabled users right from dealers to the senior management to access near real-time data for immediate action.
Improved dealer satisfaction since they did not have to specially prepare any data
Reduced the time to view data from 20 days to 2 days.
Effective steering of after sales (services, insurance sales, accessories) business through improved access to information. Increase in such revenue after implementation was almost 20%.
Tracking of effectiveness of marketing spends against increased enquiries helped them to optimize their marketing budgets to maximize the number of enquiries.
Delivered first application in less than four weeks.
Users at various levels in various functions and geographies got access to analyze dataand gain valuable insightin near real-time.

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