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How the mighty have fallen! Last month Verizon acquired Yahoo for a mere USD 4.83 billion. Mere, because at one time in the late 1990s, Yahoo was valued at over USD 125 billion. In 2002, Yahoo had an opportunity to buy Google for USD 5 billion but did not do so, instead offering USD 3 billion which was turned down by Google. Now, Google is worth almost USD 200 billion. In 2008, Yahoo rejected a $47 billion buyout bid from Microsoft, with the company’s board saying the offer substantially undervalued Yahoo. This is yet another example that shows us how transient valuations are in today’s day and age.

Pokemon Go has captured the imagination of the young and old across the world. It has caused more buzz than any other game or app in the recent past. By adding Augmented Reality to the game, Nintendo has upped the ante. Time will tell how safe or successful Pokemon Go will be in the long run but they have definitely won the first round hands down!


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