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We’ve just heard the news about the US FBI withdrawing the case against Apple for decrypting the iPhone that belonged to the terrorists or criminals who shot and killed a number of innocent and unarmed people. The reason was the FBI could ‘outsource’ the decrypting job and get into the iPhone data without any help from Apple. The question that immediately comes to mind is that if the FBI could do that, so could a resourceful hacking network thus making all of Apple’s claims of security and privacy pretty much worthless. This just proves that one should always be mindful of the fact that no amount budgeted for security will be enough. One has to keep upgrading to stay ahead of the bad guys. CIOs need to set aside budgets for security audits and upgradation every year if they want to minimize risks of attacks and security breaches.


Another interesting bit of news was the launch of a “people’s car” by Tesla. From the very high end and expensive electric car models hitherto available, Tesla has opened bookings for its Model 3. At a price tag of USD 35,000/- and a single charge range of about 320 km, this has the potential to be a real game changer. Now, not only the luxury segment automobile manufacturers but also the mid-segment ones are under the threat of disruption and will need to wake up to this threat very soon if they want to survive.


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