The Challenge

An Indian automotive manufacturing leader sells well-known small, medium, and large segment vehicles. It constantly adopts latest technologies to maintain its competitive advantage. The group operates in key industries that drive economic growth, enjoying a leadership position in tractors, utility vehicles, information technology, and vacation ownership. The company has a presence in the automotive industry, two wheelers, agri-business, aerospace, components, consulting services, defense, energy, financial services, industrial equipment, logistics, real estate, retail, and steel. This multinational group based in Mumbai, India, has employs more than 140,000 people in over 100 countries.

The Solution

When connected with Galaxy, they suggested Mobile based employee service tool, which will cater to all their requirements. The application is one stop enquiry solution for a worker, where workers can get all the personal information on one platform.

The application will provide all the details related to Leaves, Loans, Bonus, Holiday Calendar, Provident fund, LTA etc on single platform. If they want to know about how many leaves are pending and wants to apply for a leave, they can apply from this application otherwise they have to follow-up with many people just to check on pending leaves. They can also plan their LTA from this Application. They can also check of pending loan or Bonus/Ex. Gratia.
The application is integrated with their SAP system from which all the related data will come on the device screen. The person does not have to sigh in repeatedly as this solution is Single Sign On and all communication with server is through standard web services using SSL. The information is captured from the server and will available on the screen. As the data is encrypted and secured, no data is stored on device. Every time a user opens the screen, it will fetch the data from the server. This application is also Android based which, so it is easier to install. The application is rolled out in various plants across country and is successfully running.

The Benefits

Mobility solutions are helping companies to increase business agility, lower their operational costs, and most importantly gain advantage over their competitors.

It’s one of the main benefits is it  connects employees from anywhere and hence increase productivity. While you are moving outside the office, it allow to keep you connect with your office work and provide access to various organizational resources.
While exchanging the information, the application ensures its security, avoid data loss, and at the same time provide accurate information.
These various enterprise mobility solutions are allowing employees to better manage their time so they can get work done sooner and get home sooner.
Integrated mobility solutions are excellent tools for helping companies improve the productivity of their workforce and ensure business continuity.
Employees can access all the information at a glance. All the employee data is available on one platform and they do not have to do many follow-ups with different people in the organization.

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