The Challenge

The HR data was scattered across multiple systems including SAP, excel files and other homegrown systems.
Historically a lot of management reporting was in Microsoft Excel and it was quite labor intensive to update especially since each stakeholder needed a separate report for his/her division.
Over the past few years, organization has experienced substantial expansion. The company was rapidly outgrowing its spreadsheet-based reporting system.
The company had multiple stakeholders who needed to access different portions of the data. It was always a risk that the wrong spreadsheet would go to the wrong person.

The Solution

Galaxy helped the customer to deploy a BI Solution into its HR environment in less than a fortnight. Galaxy created a unique data model; build the dashboards and underlying reports. Data in different formats were obtained from the Human Resource Department and interfaces built to transform them to a common platform. The solution involved a web-based interface for HR to upload their data. The uploaded data was then imported into the data warehouse using tools that were custom built by Galaxy. Immediately after the data was refreshed, the dashboards and analytic reports were available to all users depending on their access levels.

Among the information points that were made available were:

The main dashboard provides an at a glance summary of KPIs across Business units, Functional components, Geographies etc. Each KPI could be drilled down to an associated analytic report that formed the basis of the KPI.
The Mediclaim Insurance Analysis provides information about claim types and claim status etc.
The Attrition dashboard highlights the number of employees who have resigned with their consolidated reasons
The Head Count Analysis Dashboard provides the number of employees by their location, age, experience, etc.
The Recruitment Dashboard provides level wise open positions, recruitments and their hiring status etc.
Further, it also provides the background verification status, confirmation, and compensation of the employees.

The Benefits

A single dashboard could be viewed by the management for any HR related data in their business unit, function, geography etc. This was useful in highlighting or red flagging deviations in KPIs.
The Human Resources department could track Mediclaim efficiencies and intervene at the right time thus providing improved employee satisfaction
Analysis of Reasons for attrition, help address some issues that were previously not highlighted resulted in improved retention and lowering costs.
Constant information of open positions, background check status etc. improved efficiencies in the Recruitment process.

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